standard dni, under 16 (if you have no age or minor listed ill dm), identity v fandom, get into a lot of (lgbt) discourse on main (idc if ur on priv/locked), hate / dislike my friends, ship / fetishize pedoshit or incest . i run blocklists and have like 14k people blocked. if you're blocked, well..take a wild guess and see if my dni applies. unless you paypal me $10 or a mutual we have in common asks me to then youre staying blocked. current mutuals or people i follow first are exempt from most of these.


i wont interact if you kin/id/da charles eyler (hello charlotte). dont put untagged transphobia, lgbt+ discourse, or petty callouts on minors(-17) on my timeline. if you post hate about my top ships (xiaoaether and nagihiyo) ill probably softblock unless we're good friends already. i have retweets off. im not in any fandom, i generally interact with anyone. dm / call me out if im genuinely mistaken, misinformed, etc. im hypercritical of my interests. i love interacting with my mutuals. im mentally ill + coping and trying to get better, if i slip up dont comfort or pity me unless i ask for it, thx. if you cant use ae/aer neopronouns for me you can use he/him or they/them