All ended well. There was nothing to be sad about.


ENXP 4w5 True Neutral
my name is jordan i am your friend i am s.e. asian and super duper cool and awesome. im currently into genshin impact, omori, dsmp, and sbi! i ask that if you kin or identify as me to avoid interacting with me through any means necessary.. other than that, please feel free to interact whenever youd like (:

extended about // my cool website


im jordan (: i also go by prince and a few kin names (namely aether and ori ^__^). i mostly use he/him and ae/aer pronouns, but xe/xem and they/them is ok too! i am mentally ill and neurodivergent.. i dont wish to elaborate, but mutuals may dm me about it if they so desire.. i am genderfluid and identify with a few xenogenders, just ask.. (: my special interest is hello charlotte, and i like to draw sometimes. personality type wise, i am a true/chaotic neutral, enxp, 2w3 4w5, and scuai.. i am also a bakadere and kamidere ^^.. id say that im very eccentric in general, and hold my friends near and dear to my heart. my priv/vent twitter account is @fakerealm, any mutuals can send a follow request. mutuals can also ask for my locked twitter, where im generally more active. ..have a nice day (:


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