Minecraft - Diamond Sword

Not a kin or delusional attachment, just me. Don't separate me from myself please (: If you think you're me don't interact with me please!

Aside from the above, I take kinning pretty seriously, it helps me cope and have a sense of self and identity. It's okay to poke fun at these but keep it light-hearted (: I am hypercritical of all source material and I don't support problematic media that may be shown

I heavily relate to these characters and they are core parts of me

Doubles/DAs are OK but I won't follow back or interact with them

unless we're already good friends

Characters I relate to very strongly. They make up major parts of

me and I connect with them strongly.

Doubles/DAs are going to hell dont come near me you freak

Jordancoded. I relate to them. #YASS.

Doubles are ok but you're weird (especially on tori and hanako)

hmnghfghh silly